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Hello.  My name is Seth.


I bring creative, unusual projects to fruition, working in both permanent and temporary settings to create beautiful, layered places for people to enjoy.  My work involves landscape architecture, public greening, brand activations, exhibitions, and place-making.  


My strength lies in being able to quickly conceive of, create and present prototype concepts for public and private spaces.  I bring visual merchandising, horticultural knowledge, and landscape architecture together to create places that are beautiful, rich and enjoyable.



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Professional Record

2017 to Current


Creative Director

2013 to 2017

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society 

Director of Creative Design



Back to Nature Home & Garden

Creative Director



Groundswell Design Group 

Project Manager/Designer



Avant Garden Design 

Project Manager/Designer



B.A. in English at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Graduate Degree (MALD)  at the Conway Design School





I was born in Nebraska, now live in Philadelphia and experienced many places in between.  I am currently a designer and director at the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.


I majored in English because I believe that reading and writing are the essential foundation for anything that I could want to do.  My infatuation with language lit my pursuit for the magic found in a great setting or moment and that, in turn, was an invitation to discover the hidden language of our surroundings.  


Following a chance encounter with an professor in Sao Paulo, Brazil I briefly taught Portuguese while dabbling in Hispanic Linguistics at the University of Iowa.  Soon after, while flipping through magazines at an amiable B&B in Illinois, I found Landscape Architecture.  This study, the work, would indulge exploration of my lifelong curiousities about places, memories, and the effects of our surroundings on our daily lives.


My master's degree is from the rigourous Conway Design School, on the edge of the Berkshires.  I ended up in Philadelphia by happenstance in August, 2008 with recalibrated expectations of what professional life would be like.


I presently create and modernize revenue streams at PHS.  This includes devising and introducing new merchandise collections, building and curating Pop Ups, producing and executing event concepts, creating brand and organizational partnerships, and guiding all crictical details that make big ideas into measurable accomplishments.  

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