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My name is Seth Pearsoll and I am the Design Director for the PFS.  I am responsible for the strategic, creative and exhibition content of the Philadelphia Flower Show. 


I lead a team of designers, producers and other creatives to plan, design, curate, and build landscape, garden and floral experiences at the Flower Show. 


More than just a ‘Show,’  the Flower Show is a 9 day long horticultural extravaganza that brings designers, plant lovers, horticulturalists and plant enthusiasts together to learn, to connect and to be immersed in the world of plants, flowers, gardens and landscapes.


Designers, both nationally and from around the world, come together by creating temporary landscapes and gardens that explore a variety of themes and reflect many contemporary issues of the day.  The Flower Show is part of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society- a progressive greening non-profit that connects people and communities through horticulture.  We have many different events, but this particular event lasts 9 days and typically sees 250,000 ticketed visitors.  Proceeds go back into PHS and our various greening programs.  


If you are a designer, design partner, or thought or business leader in this or related fields, let’s connect.  

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