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  • Seth Pearsoll

Drafts and Iterations: Part 2

The second iteration of the Filbert Street Orchard arose from several different factors. We were concerned about the grade, and whether or not there was enough "Place" established. This last element is something that is significant with every project, but especially so at the Horticultural Society, where the pressure is on to match the Flower Show's jaw-dropping grandiose effect. So we begin to work on something a bit more structural to build the garden around.

We knew that the budget would be tight, but I reasoned that most elements of this design were fairly straight-forward to fabricate and that it might still come close enough to budget to push through. Sadly, it did not and this version did make the cut. You can see below that it comprised of shipping containers with the sides stripped out, and arranged to create a court yard. The cladding around the structure also served as the enclosure and was meant to be sparse and linear. The top featured cut down containers as giant planters. I think this would have been quite the hang out spot in the garden.

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