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PHS Hard Cider

As Director of Merchandise, I am challenged with creating relevant new product offerings that are unique, on-trend and maintain a connection with the historical legacy of PHS.  With the continued success of the Pop Up Gardens, it is apparent that there is a growing demographic that interested in horticulture and urban greening in new ways. A hard cider offering strikes the perfect balance between contemporary and timeless.  I lead a small team in developing, branding and bringing the hard cider to fruition.


The PHS Hard Cider was introduced at the 2015 Philadelphia Flower Show with great success, beating initial order projections by 1400%.  It will be featured in the PHS Summer Pop Ups and our team is working to make it available wherever craft beers are sold.  


Pop Up Shops

The Holiday Pops Ups are one aspect of a long term partnership with the Chestnut Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia. They represent a redefinition of the PHS merchandise offering as contemporary, current, and beautifully presented.  I oversaw the Holiday Pop Ups in 2013 and 2014.  I manage operations from start to finish including concept creation, shop layout, merchandise offerings and oversee all strategic partnerships associated with the events.   I also head up the team to execute fixture installations, and build-out construction for the space. In 2013, I designed most of the fixtures and furniture in the space in tandem with a local craftsman. .  


The Holiday Pop Ups have been a great success.  In 2013, I exceeded revenue goals by 42% and in 2014 we beat the projections by 64%, all while staying under budget.  


Foodies congregate each year for this must-attend event at a historic warehouse in Philadelphia’s Navy Yard.  The one night fundraiser showcases relationships between local area growers and prominent restaurants of Philadelphia.  In 2014, I took charge of concept creation  and artistic installations. The ticketed event sold out and increased revenue from the previous year.  

Living Gifts™

In 2013, Brookstone, the gift company, approached Back to Nature about the possibility of creating several live goods programs aimed at boosting sales in their existing outdoor living market. Back to Nature needed brand exposure.  


As BTN Creative Director, I worked with a small team to create 22 unique  products for the Living Gift™ program that led to an exclusive agreement with Brookstone for guaranteed $5M in sales.


Offerings included live decorated Christmas trees, potted amaryllis, live terrariums with both rustic and modern choices and an exotic edible patio plant collection that included Cacao, coffee, and lychee fruit.  Our team oversaw all aspects of the project from concept and design, to the photography, to the fulfillment.


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