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Hi.  My name is Seth.

I am the Creative Director &
Vice President
of the PHiladelphia FLower Show.

I handle strategy, creative leadership, curation and design 

What I DO



I align internal and external teams, manage stakeholders, and balance immediate and long-term goals through strategic planning. This involves a mix of dynamic vision, defined objectives, and clear direction. Effective creative strategy is crucial to prevent wasted time and effort.



I provide leadership for high-stakes projects with complex budgets and diverse stakeholder groups. My role involves fostering clarity, ensuring alignment, and clarifying each project's broader impact. I guide these projects from inception to high-profile completion.


Creative Direction

For large-scale and costly projects in the arts and cultural sectors, creative direction is key. It streamlines team efforts, ensuring cohesion and cost-efficiency. My responsibility is to integrate stakeholder and audience needs, delivering creative outcomes that are both thrilling and financially viable.



 A compelling event communicates a message and inspires transformation in its participants. At the Flower Show, we showcase elite gardeners, landscape artists, and horticulturists from around the globe. My team and I curate this event to echo PHS's mission and resonate with global developments, creating a powerful experience for attendees.

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